10 Hacks To Improve How You Study

Studying is difficult! Studying efficiently, at this point seems like a myth. As a college student I understand the everyday battles that are fought with procrastination and boredom. Here are some things that I find helpful to ensure some level of efficiency in my study method. Now, you’ll be better prepared for you next test/exam with the freedom to have a relaxed last minute revision rather than a cramming session.


Here are the 10 study hacks to live by:

  • HACK #1   Leave a Food Trail

I swear by this study hack! It works every time. Find you favorite snack and place it after each section of your study material. As and when you finish the section, you get to treat yourself. It’s the perfect incentive.

  • HACK #2    Take notes using different color pens

Using different color pens helps your brain retain information better and also color coding it keeps it organized. This is an efficient study hack for last minute revisions.

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  • HACK #3   When crunched for time, listen to class recordings at twice the speed

Softwares like QuickTime Player and VLC allow you to speed up your play speed by 1.5x or even 2x. This study hack saves your time while ensuring you at least listen to the content and comprehend the basics.

  • HACK #4   Spray an unfamiliar scent when you are studying and then use the same scent while giving your paper

This study hack works as your brain associates the scent with the memory of your studied material and jogs your memory on D-Day. Another hack could be using chewing gum. It gives you the same results, but remember that not all schools and colleges permit gum in the exam rooms/classrooms.

  • HACK #5   Make index notes while studying for the paper

Making concise index cards while studying helps. Write as if you are taking those index cards with you to the examination. The extra writing improves your memory and recall. The index cards came handy while review.

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  • HACK #6   Write down all the formulas at the beginning of your paper

This study hack is great in helping you complete your paper faster as the formulas are in front of you. Also minimalizes the chance of you forgetting or making silly mistakes.

  • HACK #7 Use a challenging font for studying

Research has shown that easy to read fonts like Arial and Times New Roman are likely to be skimmed over. When your information is presented in difficult to read fonts like Monotype Corsiva the retention is higher. Hence, this study hack helps increase attention and recall.  If you are dyslexic then open typeface fonts like Dyslexie can help you read better.

  • HACK #8 Use apps and other plugins to block websites that may distract you

Often studying is interrupted by our need to be updated on all social media happenings. Apps like AppBlock and Study Helper (for mobile phones), Cold Turkey and Self Control (Laptop/PC)  block specific websites/apps for a specific duration. This study hack curbs the need to check for updates and redirects the attention to studying.

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  • HACK #9 Use online sample tests for practice

For this study hack all you need to do is Google: “site:edu [subject] exam” for finding exam papers on the same subject. This helps a lot for practice and gives a fair idea of how well you have prepared.

  • HACK #10 Take a break every 30 minutes

This is probably the most important study hack there is. In the stress of examination we all forget to rest our minds. Between intensive study sessions (30-45 minutes) one should take a break for 5-15 minutes. This ensures you don’t get tired of studying and retain more information. This also increases productivity and comprehension speed.



Now that you are all hack-ed up!




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