10 Hack to Save Energy and Make Your House Energy Efficient

Our entire life is energy driven! Energy Consumption is on an all time high, and it isn’t getting better. As per human tendencies, we are not taking any action to prevent the irreversible consequences energy consumption has inflicted upon out ecosystem. So our team decided to help you hack how you consume energy to make you efficient and save loads of money on wasted and unused electricity.


Earth Hour is a wonderful initiative undertaken all over the world. Everyone is requested to switch of all power using electronics and spend an hour in the sun (natural energy source). This one-hour of no consumption helps the slow down the degradation of the environment. Celebrated all over the world it is the world’s largest, environmental grassroots movement in history, connecting hundreds of millions of people all over the planet.


Here are some simple hacks to save energy and also save your money:


HACK #1 Pack Your Freezer Tightly

When you open your freezer, the cold wind comes out. That causes the freezer to utilize more energy to cool it down again. When it is full of stuff the wind is blocked from leaving. This energy hack is – less work for freezer, less energy consumed and more money for everyone!


HACK #2 Air Dry Your Clothes

Dryers are not the most energy efficient appliances. They consume loads of units due to the spin and heating mechanism. For this energy hack do not use your dryer instead let your clothes air dry. This is the wisest decision ever.


HACK #3 Use CFL Lights

Light Bulbs are an essential, running for about 8 hours a day. It is a very power hungry appliance. Using Compact Florescent Light Bulbs instead of the regular ones can save up to 75% of the energy consumption. This energy hack is great for your pockets.


HACK #4 Use Cold Water to Wash Your Clothes

90% of a washer’s energy consumption is to heat the water to wash your clothes. For this energy hack if you just wash it with cold water it gets the work done with 90% less consumption.


HACK #5 Cross-Ventilation

Open windows across your room and house from each other. This will help the air to pass freely and cool down the air and keep it fresh!


HACK #6 Turn Off Your Power Strip When You Are Not Using It

Remember to unplug all your cods and power strip. Even when not in use they are constantly sucking energy and depleting the resource pool. This simple method can save up to 75% of your electricity bill.


HACK #7 Plant Trees

Plant trees in the south side of your home. During summers, it will provide shade and keep the house cool. While in winters, once the leaves have fallen it will alow the sunrays to pass and warm up the house.


Earth Hour is on 25th March 2017. Be prepared to enjoy in the sun! Use these hacks to save your energy and also save our environment.

Hope to see you energy efficient! Here is a GIF for you:


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