15 Vaseline Hacks for Your Everyday Problems!


The deceptive box of petroleum jelly has been sitting under our noses this whole time. It stopped being just a moisturizer a long time ago. These 15 Vaseline Hacks are the cheapest and yet the most effective solution to some everyday situations. If you don’t have a jar, you’ll buy one immediately after reading this article!


HACK #1   Make your Perfume Stay Longer

Let’s face it. Perfumes aren’t long lasting and even though companies claim it to be, it never is. If you want to smell nice for longer, use this simple Vaseline hack. Before spraying your perfume apply a thin coat of Vaseline petroleum jelly to your wrists and then spray away. This will increase the smell-span of the perfume by 3-4 hours easily!



HACK #2   Make-Up Remover

Makeup is difficult to remove. Washing your face seems like a disaster, especially when you use waterproof eye makeup! Use Vaseline as your makeup remover to effectively remove all your makeup and not spend money on those exorbitant makeup removers. For this Vaseline Hack all you need is some cotton balls and a jar of Vaseline.


HACK #3    Manicure at Home

Feel like pampering yourself? Don’t have any money? Use this simple Vaseline hack to get a manicure at home. Apply some Vaseline on your cuticles to make it soft and them continue with your usual routine. While painting your nails apply Vaseline on the skin surrounding your nails. This saves up a lot of clean up time.

Here is a quick tutorial on how you can do it


HACK #4    For the Glossy Look on Using Make-Up

Want to achieve this look?


Source: FashionLady

All you have to do is apply Vaseline under the brow and on the cheekbones before applying the makeup. This Vaseline hack will help the makeup shine in all the right places and give beautiful highlights to the face.


HACK #5   Colour your Hair, Not your Head

While colouring your hair apply some Vaseline to your hairline. This simple Vaseline hack will prevent the colour from seeping into your forehead and stain your skin. Once done you can just wash off the Vaseline.


HACK #6    Lubricate those Tight Nail Polish Caps

The number of times this Vaseline hack has come handy is unbelievable. Nail polish caps a never open because of the dried up paint stuck in between them. For this hack just apply some petroleum jelly on the cap before closing it. The next time you open it, it will easily glide open.



HACK #7    After Shave Moisturiser

After shaving your skin is dry and vulnerable. Normal moisturizer will never work. You need this heavy duty Vaseline hack. Just apply Vaseline to the shaved areas and leave it as it is (preferably overnight). You will to smooth and hydrated skin all over.


HACK #8    Exfoliate your Lips

Lips dry out fast. One needs to moisturize and exfoliate them regularly. For this Vaseline hack all you need is some Vaseline and sugar. Mix a tablespoon of Vaseline with a teaspoon of sugar. Them apply the mixture to those dried out lips and rub in a circular motion. Do this once a week for best results.

Source: Mystic Beauty | WordPress

HACK #9    Your favourite Lip Balm

Love chocolates? Could never find the perfect flavour for your lip balm? No worries! With this Vaseline hack you can make your favourite lip balm. All you need is Vaseline and your flavour. You can even add some lipstick to make a lip stain.

Here’s how :


HACK #10    Hide Split Ends

Have really noticeable split ends? Have a party to go to? Use this Vaseline Hack to hide those splits. Just apply some petroleum jelly to those split ends and make your hair look fresh and hydrated!


HACK #11    Slip on Earrings Easily

Sometimes earrings just refuse to go in and even then feel itchy and irritating. In such cases this little Vaseline trick works really well. Apply some Vaseline on the earlobe and then slip on your earrings. They will be easier to wear and at the same time they won’t itch.



HACK #12    Smooth Heels Forever!

Heel cracks are a bit stubborn. Using this Vaseline hack gets rid of the cracks faster. Just apply some Vaseline on the cracked heel and wear a sock over it and leave it overnight. Next morning the heels will be ultra-soft!


HACK #13    Polish your Accessory

In the Vaseline hacks you basically use your Vaseline on the accessories to clean/polish them. This hacks comes in really handy specially if you don’t loose your jewellery and like to maintain them!


HACK #14 Remove Make-up Stains form your clothes

Carelessly got make up stains on your clothes. All you need for this Vaseline hack is a damp cloth and some Vaseline. Using the damp cloth with some Vaseline on it, gently rub/dab the stain away.



HACK #15 the all time favourite- ultimate moisturiser

No matter what I use, only Vaseline can cure the dryness at my elbow and knee skin regions. I’ve been living by this hack since I was around 7 years old!





This mysterious cream works with everything. Thank us later for these hacks. Now go buy some petroleum jelly and get moisturising!!!

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