5 Amazing Life Hacks for Dog Owners!

  • Hack #1 – Add a ball in the Food Bowl , if your dog Hogs down the food. 

    Does your dog hog down the food? Lets play and enjoy while your dog eats. Add a ball in the food bowl, this forces him to move the ball around to eat his food.

    Picture Credits- AKC Pet Insurance


Hack #2 – Use those Rubber Gloves to remove Dog hair from clothes

Use those Gloves lying around in your house to clean some Clothes! Yes Clothes!

Picture Credits – Webstaurant Store


Hack #3 – Have a Laundry Basket? Change it into Dog Car Seat.

Use you Laundry basket for your DOG! ITS WORTH IT! Put a pillow and cover it with with Blanket. Happy You Happy Dog! 


Hack #4 – Make a DIY Dog Bed from Old Furniture

Have some Old Furniture lying around? Let your Dog use it! Make a Dog Bed.

Hack #5 – Use Clothes for tiny Dogs!

Take your Doll clothes and see your Dogs dress-up!



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