5 Hacks to Make you a YouTube Pro


YouTube is a very important part of our lives! Binge sessions of iisuperwomanii and Asap Science are a very critical aspect of my everyday functioning. After spending a lot of time on YouTube I have come across a few essential YouTube hack that just make your life way, way easier.


So Let’s Get Started Shall We!


HACK #1    You can Pause the video by pressing K on the keyboard

This is one of the YouTube hacks that I use regularly. Want to pause a video? You must have noticed how space bar doesn’t always work. Instead use the K key to pause the video. This always works!


HACK #2    Download Audio and Video of any YouTube video

When you want to download any audio/video from YouTube it gets frustrating to keep switching between the free online software and the YouTube page. To avoid any hassle just follow this simple YouTube Hack. For audio just change “youtube” to “listentoyoutube” and for video change it to “ssyoutube” in the URL and download!


HACK #3    Bypass Age Restriction

Want to watch a video but is restricted because of your age. There is a simple YouTube Hack to go around this problem. All you need to do is add “nsfw” before “youtube” in the URL and hit enter.


HACK #4    Convert any YouTube video into a GIF

Has it ever happened to you that you were watching a video and found something funny that you have to, have to convert to a gif? Most of you would not have done it because of the difficulty. It’s very easy to convert any YouTube video into a gif. Use the simple YouTube hack and add “gif” before “youtube” in the URL and go bonkers!

Here is a video explaining how to do so!




HACK #5    Binge Watch your Favourite Youtuber Without Having to Stop to Play the Next

This hack is a godsend! The days when I like to binge watch Thread Banger and eat popcorn I don’t want to use my buttery fingers to play the next video. On these days I just create a line-up of the videos from that YouTube channel. This simple YouTube Hack works by adding “&list=UL” to its URL at the end. This will create a meta playlist with all the videos by the uploader, in a chronological order.





These Youtube hacks help a lot. Remember them, Embrace them, Breathe them. They’ll make your life easier for sure!


While we are on the same subject! Here are some YouTube Channels you should follow!

Thread Banger

ASAP Science

Last Week Tonight

Everyday Food



East India Company

Sorted Food

It’s Okay To be Smart


Let us know in the comments section about your favourite YouTube Channel. Also, if you like the above channels do let us know!  🙂


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