5 Summer Hacks to Save you from the HEAT!

Hack #1 – Take some Aloevera with water freeze it and ice your body. 

                 Picture Credits – Pinterest 


Hack #2 – Use Baby Powder to prevent sand from sticking to your Body


                                           Picture Credits – Johnson’s


Hack #3 – Get yourself some Natural Highlights

Lemon is known for its lightning benefits. Squeeze the lemon straight into your hair and spend some time under the sunlight for 20 – 30 minutes.

                                                                                                   Picture Credits – Organic Facts



Hack #4 – Use cake cases to keep bugs and flies out of your drink

                                                      Picture Credits – Pinterest



Hack #5 – Carry a fitted sheet with yourself , Have something on each corner prevents sand from getting in.


                                                                  Picture Credits – Pinterest




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