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5 Travelling Hacks to save your time!

Packing for Travelling is not as fun as Travelling is! Yes, we know that pain when your excitement is not mutual for packing and the headaches of travelling. But it isn’t that bad of a task when you have us to provide you with some smartest travel hacks that will save you from the trouble! Lets get Started!

Hack #1 – Use Tissue paper to save your clothes from wrinkling while travelling !

 Fold your clothes with tissue paper!  Preventing your clothes from wrinkling in your luggage bag is one of the hardest task of Travelling! And who knew tissue papers could save our lives to such an extent! Start folding your clothes with tissue paper for your next adventure , fold your shirts with pieces of tissue paper or plastic bags in the middle. Instead of packing them normally. Tissue papers and plastic bags slippery texture reduces  the friction on the fabric.

Picture Credits – Complex


Hack #2 – Store all your Power Chords in an old Sun glass case for your next travel

Use an old sun glass case to store all your Power chords to save you from losing your mind! You will thank us later! We promise! This also saves your time and prevents you from searching your bags and ending up opening all the compartments. Furthermore, this also makes sure that your power chords do not rub against anything that can damage it!

Picture Credits – TravelGig


Hack #3 – Use Contact lens box to store you makeup for a quick Touchup

Do you like carrying your Makeup bag everywhere? If your answer is no, you’ve come to the right place looking for solutions! Take a little amount of your foundation and serum and store them in a contact lens box. saves you from using a lot of product and saves space in your carry bag. This is very helpful for shorter trips.

Picture Credits – Holidify

Hack #4 – Save space by rolling clothes instead of folding for your next travel

Folding clothes takes alot more space, instead of folding your clothes roll them to save alot more space for some more clothes! Who doesnt want to look their best on an adventure. You can also use this space to carry your camera or Skin care products.

Picture Credits – Travel Fashion Girl

Hack #5 – Save those empty tic tac boxes to store hair pins to save you from the mess while travelling !

Next time you eat tic tac , DO NOT THROW THE BOX AWAY! Because it has the power to save you from alot of trouble! You can store your hair pins in a tic tac box so now you dont have to waste time searching through your bag to look neat and tidy.

Picture Credits – The Burlap Bag

Heres a Video with some more Travelling hacks to save your life and make your next adventure well planned. You’re Welcome! 🙂

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