7 Amazing Baking Hacks For All Your Sweet Cravings

Despite popular belief, baking is not a disaster!!


In fact my team and I have found it to be calming and rewarding. Baking can be as easy as a pie with these simple yet effective baking hacks!


Here is a cute listical to show you the hacks!



HACK #1 Get Eggshells out of the bowl


Can’t break the egg properly? Always seem to get the eggshell into the bowl? For this simple baking hack all you need to do is wet your fingers. The wet fingers prevent the egg from sticking to your fingers and removing the eggshell becomes a lot easier!

 Source: What Sarah Bakes


HACK #2 Use Avocado as an alternative to butter


Butter is one commodity that gets over fast, especially if it’s a baking household. A simple baking hack is to swap the butter with some freshly ripened avocados. The soft flesh of the fruit is better for your health too. It helps reduce cholesterol and fights against heart diseases.

 Source: Joy The Baker


HACK #3 Bake those cookies in a muffin tin


If you are like me and prefer soft, round cookies then this baking hack with muffin tins is your best buddy! They conduct the heat evenly and the end result is drool worthy. If you have mini muffin pans then you can make mini cookies *.* Also you can flip the pan and make cookie bowls!


Source: Chocolate Covered Katie


HACK #4 Get even cake layers with a wet cloth


For this simple baking hack all you need to do is tie a wet cloth around the cake pan while cooking it. The wet cloth cools the side and prevents them from cooking faster than the centre and ensures that the cake rises evenly.



HACK #5 Heated Knife for Clean Slices


Things like ice cream, pies, cakes etc. can be difficult to slice evenly and neatly. For this simple baking hack all you need to do is dip a knife into warm water (to warm up the knife) and then use that to cut your sweet treats! The heat will help the cool treats to get be sliced evenly!

 Source: Pinterest


HACK #6 Wine bottles as makeshift rolling pin

Just when you are about to roll that pastry dough the rolling pin goes missing. Or you don’t own one. At that time the best possible solution is too use the simple baking hack – wine bottle. Empty bottles are very convenient and the long bottle shape will help you roll the dough as evenly as possible.



HACK #7 Tea strainer as powder sugar duster

Love powdered sugar on all your sweet treats, but get irritated if it’s a clumpy thick mess? Here is the perfect baking hack for you! Use a tea strainer to get a fine and even layer of powdered sugar. This hack guarantee that the fine layer of sugar will just melt into your mouth!






Now your lack of baking skills can’t be an excuse! Go run to the kitchen and make a few desserts to surprise your loved ones <3




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