7 Internet Hacks to Keep You Going

Internet has enveloped us. It’s everywhere! *cue artificial intelligence apocalypse* Hence,Internet hacks have become very important. These are some of the basic everyday Internet hacks that have been hiding right in front of you!


HACK #1   Reopen tabs with a simple shortcut

Closed a tab you didn’t want to close? It is very simple to reopen it. For this Internet hack all you need to do is press:

Control+ Shift+ T on Windows

Command+ Shift+ T on Mac OS X


HACK #2   Use Hola and Tunnelbear to stream Netflix and Spotify in countries where it isn’t available

In this Internet hack proxy servers like Hola and Tunnelbear are useful to stream Netflix and Spotify. Hola is a free service while Tunnelbear is paid but the free data is enough to operate Spotify. (500Mb data free/ month)

Source: Google Chrome Extentions

For more information watch: Hola for Spotify and Hola for Netflix

HACK #3   Convert your handwriting to a digital font.

This Internet hack one can convert their handwriting into a typeface that they can universally use. The website that provides this service is ‘’. It is one of the best websites for font enthusiasts.

Source: | Screenshot

HACK #4   You can use your keyboard to scroll on webpages.

Although well know, this Internet hack is something I was unaware of till last year. You can use the space bar to scroll down the webpage. Similarly, to scroll up you just hold the shift key and the space bar at the same time.

Soucre: Latest News Center | YouTube


HACK #5   Internet isn’t working? Play a game instead!

When the Internet connection fails you at the last moment this Internet Hack keeps you occupied. Google chrome browser’s error page can be converted into a game. Just hit spacebar and start the T-Rex Jump game.

Source: Business Insider


HACK #6   Use Siri to return a lost phone

Saw a dropped, misplaced and locked iPhone? With this Internet hack you can return it to its owner. Just double click on the home button to activate siri and ask her “who do you belong to?” Youll get the owner’s contact information.



HACK #7   Use Google to find your android phone

Google has an Android device manager that enables you to locate your lost phone. to use this Internet Hack just login through your Google account associated with your phone and Google “find my phone” to locate your phone.


These Internet Hacks come handy in everyday situations. Now that you know what to do, Happy Surfing!


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