8 Easy to Follow Fitness Hacks

With every new year comes a long list of resolutions, the most common one being ” to exercise more”.
But how many of you do manage to stick to it? Within no time you are back to being a couch potato.
So for all the lazy people out there, fear not. As here we bring to you, a list of 8 fitness hacks which are easy to follow and should help you stick to that resolution once and for all.

HACK #1   Plan out your workouts for the first one month and stick to it

 Usually, your first month is always the hardest month. For this fitness hack you need to ensure that you keep up with your schedule and don’t give up when the going gets rough. Habit formation takes around 20 days and after that it your exercises will seem like a everyday routine.
Source: backonpointe | tumbler

HACK #2   Make most of your television time

Utilise the commerical breaks in between your favourite TV shows to get your body in shape! For this fitness hack all you have to do is simple activites such as skipping, Hula hooping, crunches, basic exercise and even lift arm weights!

Source: Calistoga Fit

HACK #3   Go for a run

 Running is an exercise that not only help clear your mind but also helps improve your stamina. If you are beginner in this fitness hack, start by running for a minute.  Add a minute everyday, and by the end of the month you will be able to run for a good 30 minutes!

HACK #4   Take on a 30 day challenge

 What better way to test your ability than a fitness challenge? With a number of 30 day challenges available on the internet, you can challenge yourself and see if you have got it in you. For this fitness hack find your challenge and stick to those exercises.

HACK #5   Find your fitness buddy

 It’s always great to have friend to accompany you on your workouts. Not only will y’all help motivate each other, but the chances of you bailing out on your exercise will be extremely hard. For this fitness hack once you get a buddy, commit to a certain time and number of workout days, and get going!

HACK #6   Always take the stairs

Ditch the elevator and make it a point to take the stairs.This fitness hack is the most efficient way of exercising and can be done at any time and is perfect to get your glutes in shape.

HACK #7   Slip on those dancing shoes

 If you’re someone who absolutely dreads hitting the gym or running to exercise, dancing should be your go to workout. In this fitness hack grooving to some of your favourite beats will not only help you shed those unwanted calories, but also uplift your mood and keep you energised.

HACK #8   Join an online fitness community

Nowadays, you will find online community for all kinds of workouts on the internet. You will get to interact with new people who will motivate you, help you improve and share tips. Some communities which you can join are Jetfit, Fitbit and myfitnesspal.
Source: Local Love
Now go put on some shoes and get ready to exercise! 😉

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