Beauty Hacks – 6 DIY Scrubs that will Make your Life Easier!

Scrub #1 – Coffee Scrub

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Mix 6 Tablespoon coffee and 4 Tablespoon Olive oil. Coffee helps in refreshing the skin and helps reduce puffiness under eyes. While Olive oil is known for its Anti – aging antioxidants. Mix the two for a flawless and clean skin.


Scrub #2 – Vanilla and Sugar Scrub

Vanilla is known for its Anti – inflammatory Properties. Add 2 cups of Sugar , Half cup Coconut Oil and Half teaspoon vanilla extract



Scrub #3 – Green Tea Scrub

Take half cup of sugar , Add 2 tablespoon of Green Tea powder with 1 cup of Coconut Oil. Green Tea is known for its anti aging and antioxidant benefits.

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Scrub #4 – Lemon Scrub

Squueze one lemon into a bowl add one third cup Brown Sugar and three by fourth cup Coconut Oil . Lemon is always the Beauty Star! It helps in clearing Acne and Blackheads.

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Scrub #5 – Salt Scrub

Use one cup of salt and add half cup Olive Oil to it! Salt helps in cleaning up pores and removes all the oil on the skin.

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Scrub #6 – Berry Scrub

Who doesn’t love Berries? Take one quarter of Strawberries , Add quarter of Blueberries with one cup white Sugar and quarter cup coconut Oil! Berries are also known for its antioxidant benefits.

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