Benefits of Lemon and Honey Water

Lemon Honey and warm Water has so many benefits it seems like a myth! After a point I don’t know what to believe in. So I tried the routine for a month, everyday,  in the mornings (except a few days) and the results are astonishing! With my experience I can say that these hacks work!


BENEFIT #1   Great for watching your weight!

This easy to make drink acts as an effective alternative to coffee and tea. Thereby reducing the intake of unnecessary calories. Although it is not an overnight success mantra, this hack is better for you in the long run.


BENEFIT #2  Helps Digestive and Immune Systems get back on track

Drinking a warm glass of water with honey in it helps boost the digestive metabolism. The honey is an antiseptic that reduces stomach acidity and increases the production of intestinal mucus. It also has crazy bacteria-killing properties and tons of anti-oxidants that help increase the body’s immune system. The warm water hack also helps rehydrate the body in the morning.


BENEFIT #3   Increases Energy (Helps a lot in the morning)

No matter how much sleep I get, I need all the energy in the world to function in the morning. If you are anything like me this hack is great for you. Honey and Water has now become the power couple for energy boosters. A hydrated body is also more energetic and active. The honey also gives instant energy a it’s a simple sugar.


BENEFIT #4   Helps in Stomach Gas Problems

When you feel gassy, instead of going for a tablet try reaching out for a glass of honey water. The honey helps in neutralizing the gas in the stomach.


BENEFIT #5   The Ultimate Detox Regime

This hack helps flush out the toxins from the body. By it’s regular usage it constantly flushes out the toxins that can lead to diseases. The lemon helps increases urination and keeps the urinary tract healthy. The citric acid also helps increase enzyme function that helps in detoxification. All of this in turn helps increase the overall health.


Now go ahead, warm up some water and start your regime!








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