DIY Pastel Mason Jars

Hey! Ever found your table messy and unorganised? mmm… relatable uh?! So here is a pretty simple and straight forward DIY hack that helps you get a little more organised. All you need are a few empty glass jars and leftover paints that usually pile up in your cupboard.


List of things you will need:

  • paint
  • glass mason jars
  • lids
  • old newspapers (to cover the working surface)
  • spray paint (optional)


So Let’s Begin!

Step #1   Clean and dry the mason jar thoroughly




Step #2   Pour some paint into the mason jar




Step #3   Swirl and shake. Twist and turn. It helps if you close the lidof the mason jar, that way you don’t get paint all over.



Step #4   Pour the most excess paint back from the mason jar.

Source: kootut


Step #5   Leave the mason jar upside down to drip (without lid on) maybe for overnight or so.



Step #6    Wipe the rim of the mason jar clean before the paint dries. If the paint does dry, you may need to scratch it with your finger nails.

Source: Bella Luna Toys


Step #7  Wait for the mason jars to dry completely, this is what it looks like in the end! Excited?

Source: Little Party Store


Step #8   Now that you have your mason jars ready you may keep your pencils, pens and other cool stuff in. And yes! this easy DIY hack that you have done yourself has helped you gain more space on you table. Best of all they looks pretty nice and cool!

Source: Kootut Murut





Now even you can be a DIY expert! Save money and be organised af!


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