10 Kitchen Hacks You Wish Your Mom Would Have Told You!

Cooking meals can be tiring and time consuming. To maintain your sanity here are a few kitchen hacks that will leave you thinking ‘why didn’t mom tell me about these before!?’


HACK #1 Coat measuring cups with non-stick spray before measuring sticky substances.

It breaks my heart when yumminess like nutella or peanut butter gets wasted in measuring cups. In times like these the best kitchen hack to use a non-stick spray on the measuring cup. This will ensure that no man is left behind and also reduces your clean up time.



HACK #2 Freeze fresh herbs in olive oil for adding to pasta, salads and sauces.

Brought herbs for a dish but never used the entire sprig? Here is a way to store them so that you can use it later on. For this kitchen hack: first clean the herbs and then store them in an ice cube tray. Top the tray off with olive oil and place it in the freezer. Keep overnight and in the morning your herb and oil ice cubes will be ready for your recipes.

olive oil and herb frozen cubesSource:

HACK #3 De-stem strawberries using straws

For this kitchen hack all you have to do is insert a straw into the strawberry to de-stem it. This easy technique will guarantee un-interrupted snacking.

De seeming strawberriesSource:


HACK #4 Peel garlic easier

For this kitchen hack all you need to do is smash, shake and peel. Simple yet efficient!



HACK #5 Add baking soda to water before boiling eggs.

Adding ½ a teaspoon of baking soda to water before boiling eggs makes them easier to peel. This hack is great for clumsy people like me for whom the egg just slips out of the hand.


HACK #6 clean a dirty microwave in a minute.

For this kitchen hack all you need is soaked sponge. Soak sponge in water and lemon/vinegar mixture. Place the soaked sponge in the microwave and cook it for a minute. The moisture will loosen up the grime and make it easy to wipe off.


HACK #7 Use a wooden spoon to keep pots from boiling over.

Avoid a huge mess by keeping a wooden spoon on the pot. The bubbles will burst and prevent the liquid from spilling over.


HACK #8 Use empty tic-tac bottles for spice storage.

This is an unusual but convenient kitchen hack. The opening is just right for proper amounts of spice to come out. If you are a person who loves a particular spice and uses it a lot in cooking. Then a saltshaker with wider holes id

tictac spice rackSource: jewelpie


HACK #9 Make the most out of your lemons

This kitchen hack is an all in one trick. To get the most out of the lemons refrigerate it and then microwave it for 15-20 seconds. If you roll the lemon before squeezing them and squeeze the lemon with a pair of tongs you’ll get more juice than ever.

Bonus Tip: wrap the lemon around a cheesecloth to stop the seeds from falling into your juice!



HACK #10 Prevent crying while cutting onions

This is by far the most important hack in this list. To stop onion-induced tears freeze the onions before chopping. This freezes the acid in the onions and makes you cry less. Another thing to ensure tear free chopping is to cut the onions using a super sharp knife. This will help reduce the acid that is released.

Source: Daily Mail



Now that cooking is made easy; go ahead and cook those delicious meals without getting frustrated!



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