7 Hair Hacks for Lazy Mornings




Let’s be honest, sometimes we all feel lazy while doing our hair. The whole process of ‘getting ready’ can be annoying to me. This led me to an insatiable quest of looking for lazy girl hacks for hairstyles. There are some pretty good tricks out there that make your hair look fabulous within minutes!


Here are some 15 lazy girl hair hacks that will transform your life forever!


HACK #1 Keep Those Ponytail Perked Up

Love a ponytail, but always ends up sagging at the bottom? This is a hair hack for you! All this trick requires is some bobby pins. You ponytail will always look like a hairstyle right out of a magazine!

Source: bellaMUMMA


HACK #2 Dry Shampoo and it’s alternatives

Washing hair regularly can be painstaking! When you are running late to work/college, hair wash is probably the last thing on your mind. For this hair hack dry shampoo to keep your hair from looking too greasy and flat. If not, you can even use some cornstarch or baby powder. Just sprinkle it in those greasy spots and brush it out to prevent any powdered spots.



HACK #3 The Mecca of Lazy Hairstyles: Messy Bun

I swear by this hair hack! Messy bun is the best go to hairstyle when you have a bad and a good hair day! It may seem regular and unappealing but there are so many variations to it that you will be left thinking which one to try next!

Here is a video showing some killer messy buns!

Source: Pinterest


HACK #4 Braiding is Good!

Braids are the perfect hair hack for a second/third day hair. It’s no longer plain and boring! With so many variations of it you will always look trendy! Just remember to backcomb your hair to give it some volume.




HACK #5 The Correct way to wear those bobby pins

Here is a simple hair hack for you that most people don’t know. When wearing a bobby pin make sure that the wavy side is facing downwards. This provides better grip and keeps it secure. If you spray the bobby pins with hairspray it will make them stick to your hair improving the grip.



HACK #6 A Toothbrush For All Your Fly-aways

I hate when my baby hair fly-aways are poking up and spoiling that sleek hairdo! Worry not; this simple hair hack will tame those wild beasts. Simply spray a toothbrush with some hairspray and brush your hair in a downward motion. This will take care of all those fly-aways



HACK #7 sleep on it!

For some nice texture to your hair this hair hack involves our favourite thing – sleep! At night after washing your hair just sleep without blow-drying it and when you wake you’ll have some amazing texture to your hair! Contrary to the notion, this hair hack doesn’t leave you with a cold so don’t worry about it.


 Here is a video by our team member where she demonstartes a few hair hacks for you.


Hope these hair hacks help you in those hurried moments…

If you have any hair hacks that you think we should know, let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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