Optimise Closet Space Instantly

Closet space has always been big issue. What most people don’t know are the hacks that you can use to maximize closet space. To make the most out of what you have, here are some hacks to optimize your closet space!


HACK #1 hang multiple garments in one spot with soda can tabs.

This is the winner of all closet space hacks. All you need is a soda can tab. Each tab will optimize the space by one garment. Alternatively you can also use S-hooks and Chains.



HACK #2 use old shoebox as a drawer organizer.

If you have built in drawers you can sort your clothes and optimize your closet space all at the same time. If putting clothes in a shoebox isn’t your style then invest in some plastic baskets that will fit in your drawers.

Source: The modern baker


HACK #3 add an extra rod on the inside of your doors

This is a lifesaver. Add one or two rods on the inside of your closet door. This will allow you to hang some of your clothes like (scarves, ties etc.) saving space inside the closet for the rest of your clothes.

 Source: Pinterest


HACK #4 use a tie organizer to arrange your tank tops

Tank tops tend to take up a lot of space in the closet. This closet hack is a lifesaver as all your tops can be hanged in one place and if you are like me you can even colour coordinate it.

 Source: Pinterest


HACK #5 Have a lot of accessories, this is the hack for you!

You can use a rain gutter guard, peg board or even an old badminton racquet to organize all your jewellery. Just use a nail to hang the board to the wall and organize away!


Here is a video to give you more ideas for optimizing your closet space.




Happy Organizing!





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