Résumé Hacks To Help Your Get Your Dream Job

The market is tough! No matter what industry you are about to work in the competition is tough. Your dream job has more a lot of applicants and at first glance your CV is the make or break factor. Many companies have adapted an online screening process, wherein one sends in their résumé first, and if the company thinks that you are a right candidate they’ll call you in for an interview.


Although an efficient system, this makes your résumé of utmost importance. It is what represents you and what could get you your job offer. There are many simple hacks that you can use to better your résumé. This will enhance your presentation and writing skills. The résumé is to be professional yet a reflection of who you are/aspire to become. Striking that balance is the key to a prefect résumé.



Hacks are there to make your life simpler. Lying on your résumé is never a good idea. The lies catch up quick and can lead to bigger consequences than one might expect.


Here is a simple infographic illustrating ‘How to Hack Your Résumé’



With these Hacks you are set on your path to achievements. Once selected for an interview, remember to present yourself well. Your image in your résumé must resonate with your actual personality. If any discrepancies found the company might re-evaluate your profile. Also, remember to wear clean formal clothes that are well pressed and without any creases. Shake hands with your interviewer and introduce yourself confidently. Answer the questions diligently without lying. When ending thank them for an opportunity, if they ask “do you have any question?” always ask something. It shows you are curious.

Here is a link that will help you with the questions:

Top 12 Best Questions to Ask at the End of the Job Interview



Also, here is a short video to help you with improving your résumé and impressing your interviewer.


Here are a few samples/templates customized for various industries and ranks. Hope you get inspired to do some amazing work! All the best landing your dream job. Our Team at LifeHacksDaily believe in these hack’s potentials and yours. ;p


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